Magic Sessions

Magic Sessions

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a place where we could meet and learn about things that someone finds magical?

Each of us loves certain things - a book, a piece of music, a painting, a game, a sport, a person.

Each of us has things that move us intensely, things that somehow lift us up, connect us to something "higher", to something that we experience as something somehow finer than the stuff of our ordinary lives.

Some examples of this stuff for me: War and Peace, Michelangelo's Pieta, the music of Bob Dylan, Coltrane's A Love Supreme, the novels of P. G. Wodehouse, Ted Hughes's mad book on the mythological foundations of Shakespeare's later plays, a poem by Hafiz, Sachin Tendulkar's straight drive ... I realise I could go on and on and on, so I will force myself to stop.

Here are some questions: What is something that you love? What is something that connects you to beauty, to the sublime, to something purer and truer than your daily life? What is something that fills you with the urge to bow your head before it?

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a place where we could meet and learn about each other's magical things?

That's what the magic sessions are. We meet online, someone shares something that they find magical, and then we just see what happens.

The first series starts on 22nd May, 2024 (at the time of writing, exactly a week away). The sessions are always 2-3.30 p.m. CET and happen every fortnight till the end of July.

Program and link for the sessions below the fold for subscribers (free memberships are fine).


22.5.24: Piyush Somani, ""My love for tennis. How I started playing a new sport after the age of 25 and what I learnt about myself and life."

5.6: Tom Chatfield, "Reading and writing in cafes"

19.6: Jenny Armitage, "Making music"

3.7: Kris Jones, TBC

17.7: Lena Hoppe, "Late romantic orchestral music"

31.7: Caroline Hammer, "My work as a Grinberg practioner "


Places are limited - there're a maximum of 12 places per session. To sign up, please use this link: