Who It's For

Do you sometimes suffer, but refuse to see all suffering as a medical problem?

Do you want to live a wiser life?

Would you like a life that is just a little richer, a little fuller, a little happier and a little more loving than it was before?

Are you open to experience and allergic to bullshit?

Are you searching for freedom? For meaning? For the good, the beautiful and the true? Do you wonder what these things mean and if they actually even exist?

Are you trying to make sense of the world and your place in it?

Do you sometimes delight in the world, in the scent of cut grass, in the steam that rises off a bowl of freshly cooked pasta, in the smile of a stranger and the sound of the birds?

Do you want a response to the usual problems of being human that is neither therapy nor wellness nor mindless positivity nor despair?

Would you like the company of other people who want these things too?

If any of those questions resonate with you, it's probably worth checking out The New Philosophy.