The New Philosophy

If the original inventors of philosophy were alive today, The New Philosophy is the kind of thing they'd be building.

The New Philosophy is a philosophical movement, a community, a school, a newsletter, and a content website.

The New Philosophy is not a commodity you can pay for. It is a gift that is freely given.

You don't even need to give me your email address. You can simply come to the site and see what's on it - all content is freely accessible.

If you prefer receiving content via email, you have your choice of two newsletters.

"Weekly" - you get one email a week. The email contains one piece in full (if I've done a piece that week), plus a digest of everything else that's happened on the site that week (same qualifier).

"Everything" - you get everything that's put on the site, as soon as it's put on the site. Some weeks this will be 17 emails, some months it might be nothing.

The New Philosophy is:

💠 Practical: If it doesn’t help you live better, it’s useless.

🏡 Ordinary: Everything that matters is to be found in our ordinary existence.

∞ Holistic: The New Philosophy addresses minds as well as bodies, emotion as well as reason.

👐 Accessible: It’s my fault if you can’t understand it.

⛔️ Bullshit-Free: The New Philosophy will never knowingly bullshit you.

♥️ Built on Connection: The New Philosophy lives where people meet.