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Every moment of my life, I am carried by magic.

Annika and I fight a lot more since we became parents.

It’s not surprising, I guess.

We are a lot closer to our limits, we are often over them, and we keep learning that we are not always patient and kind and loving.

We irritate each other more than we used to, simply because we are in general much more irritable than we used to be.

We are much quicker to put each other in boxes, and in boxes that we dislike - oh, he never does this, oh she always does this, etc.

We fought again today. I didn’t do something, she asked me to do it, and we ended up both getting upset about it. We talked about it later, after Rahi had gone to bed, and the conversation drove us further apart. I left to do some work, she stayed to do some work.

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